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Tamara Bjažić Klarin is a senior research associate at the Institute of Art History in Zagreb. Her scientific work focuses on 20th century architecture and urban planning, processes of modernization, knowledge exchange and architects’ public engagement.

Teodor Celakoski is a longterm activist and one of the founding members of Right to the City movement and organization.

Tomislav Domes is a politologist and activist. He coordinates the Right to the City association and works with different Croatian civil society organizations.

Katerina Duda is a multimedia artist based in Zagreb. The starting point in her work is the city and public space, her approach is usually site-specific and combines the media of film and video, intervention and action in public space, and social practice.

Matea Grgurinović is a Croatian journalist and translator writing mostly about social issues with a strong interest in Southeast Europe, China, and the post-Soviet space.

Sanja Horvatinčić is a Post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of Art History in Zagreb. She’s been doing research on monuments, memory politics and war heritage in socialist Yugoslavia and post-war Europe.

Bernard Ivčić is a traffic engineer and an environmental activist working in Friends of the Earth Croatia. He is a member of the Right to the City and the Institute for Political Ecology

Josip Jagić has a master’s degree in contemporary history (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb). He is a member of Zagreb Antifacist network and was a part of research project „Cartography of Resistance“, which engaged various aspects of the resistance movement in Zagreb.

Antonija Komazlić is a sociologist and Spanish philologist. As a researcher, she collaborates with civil society organizations on projects focusing on spatial development planning, economic, social and ecological urban sustainability, housing policies and public property spatial management mechanisms. Antonija lives in Kozari Bok.

Bojan Krištofić is a designer, activist, curator and art critic.

Jere Kuzmanić is urbanist and researcher. His research is addressing the social and environmental justice in urban planning.

Iva Marčetić is an architect and an activist, and member of Right to the City organization.

Jelena Miloš is an activist and feminist involved in Right to the city and labor organizations in Zagreb.

Vanja Radovanović is a telecommunication engineer, but in his spare time a local activist in the social/cultural project Trešnjevka Mapping. Vanja has lived and worked in Trešnjevka for almost 20 years.

Marijana Rimanić graduated in Art History and Comparative Literature from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. She started working at Pogon in 2011, first as a Programme Coordinator, and later as Manager of Communications and Marketing.

Dubravka Sekulić is an architect investigating transformations of contemporary cities and trying to smuggle critical thinking into the architecture school where she teaches.

Antun Sevšek is a freelance architect and researcher who is currently employed in the Alliance Operation city NGO where he is dealing with the analysis of urban management policies along with the development of new institutional models.

Tomislav Tomašević is the program coordinator of the Institute for Political Ecology (IPE) with a BA and MA in political science from the University of Zagreb and MPhil in environment, society and development from the University of Cambridge.

Iva Zenzerović is a long-time activist, member of the Center for peace studies and working within the platform Upgrade. Iva has for years been working on establishing an intercultural center for Zagreb.

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